Brandi Jackson


I love helping my clients look radiant with our Image O2 Facial Lift! The oxygenating action it delivers to the skin makes all of my clients look radiant. Please allow me to illuminate your skin with this revolutionary anti-aging facial, getting you Red Carpet Ready for any event.

What makes you special?  One of the key elements to my personality is healing.  I feel like that is my gift. Having the privilege of helping someone to heal by being a skin care therapist is what motivates me in my career. 

Your personal motto?  If you want a have to 

put up with the rain!

​What is the greatest asset you bring to work every single day that enhances your service and creates the ultimate positive impact on your client?  I love making people's day just a little better with relaxing and TLC, being able to improve how a person feels within a short period of time.  

Its nice to make people feel beautiful and better about themselves with a treatment. That gives me a lot of joy.

I love our Scent-Sational Signature Body Treatment! Melts stress away with indulgent full body

exfoliation, custom aroma massage, and our famous

scalp refresher. Pure bliss!

Sara Drummond

​Massage Therapist 

With awesome colors, great medial arch support, and exceptional comfort, my

TelicSandals are perfect

for lounging at home, pool,

or spa. It’s like walking on clouds! Amazing!

Bethany is very blessed to call the mountains home. "Linville is such a beautiful area!"​

Education/Training:  Graduate of Avery County High School. Graduated from Mayland Community College

Nail Tech Program.

Hobbies/Personal Interests:  I enjoy hiking all of the wonderful trails we have here, while capturing the

beauty behind my camera lense. 

If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be?  Stevie Nicks!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and with whom?  Australia with my amazing family and my boyfriend Trey!

What color makes you feel happy?  Yellow!

Favorite OPI polish?  "Jade" is the new "Black"! I love it because it is a really fun color with spunk!

What is your favorite holiday and why?  The 4th of July! The fireworks are beautiful!

What do you love most about your profession?​  Making others happy and pleased!

Who is your hero?  My grandmother because she is such a kind hearted woman and a very hard worker.

Sara calls Foscoe, North Carolina home.
Education/Training:  Sara is a graduate of Caldwell Community College 600 hour Massage Therapy Program. She is currently working to complete her Healing Touch Certification, a nurturing integrative biofield therapy
that facilitates health and healing.  Sara has also completed Yoga Alliance, a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hour program and has practiced yoga for over fourteen years.​

Hobbies/Personal Interests:  I am the mother of three beautiful children, avid hiker, skier and fan of fresh local food.

What is your favorite restaurant?  Cobo in Boone

What is your most beloved charity?  Humane Society 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and with whom?  To walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain with my kiddos. 

If you won a $1,000 shopping spree, what store would you wish for?  Effy - but, I would truly need $10,000.00

to make a dent in what I want.

We asked our professionals…"What are your favorite services and products?" 

Dana Daniels

Massage Therapist


​Our Vital C Hydrating Anti-aging Serum is incredible! Highly potent anti-oxidants nourish the skin, creating a healthy, youthful glow. Best of all, it smells like fresh peeled oranges?”​

Ryan calls Blowing Rock home.

Education/Training:  610 hours of Massage Training at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute. 
Hobbies/Personal Interests:  I like to go on hikes with my dogs. I also enjoy music and reading.

If you could have dinner with any Celebrity, who would it be?  Bob Marley

What animal does your personality most resemble?  Lion

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and with whom?  Italy with my girlfriend, Amanda!

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment? 

My Bar-Mitzvah.  It was no joke!

What color makes you happy?  Green!!!

What is your favorite holiday and why?  Halloween!  

It's fun and you can make believe you're something magical for a day!

What is your most beloved charity?  Toys for Tots

What makes you special?

I have a calm demeanor and

hardly ever get rattled. I also 

stay ​cool under pressure. 

What are your special

attributes?  I am reliable and 

a very hard worker. When given a task, I figure out how to accomplish it no matter what!

What makes you special? 

I am a caring helper not only

to my co-workers, but my clients as well. God has gifted me with the expertise to perform my occupation to the fullest!

Your personal motto?  Never be ashamed of what you feel. You have the right to feel any emotion that you want and to do what makes you happy!

What is the greatest asset you bring to work every single day?  My motivation! I look forward to each day that I come to the spa. I absolutely adore my clients and I love to make them look and feel beautiful. I look forward to what God has in store for my life and at the spa!

Your personal motto?  

One of my very favorite

quotes is:  "The only way to

do great work is to love what you do!" - Steve Jobs.

​What is the greatest asset you bring to work every single day that enhances your service and creates the ultimate positive impact on your client?  I am so passionate about

the beauty industry. I strive daily to educate myself and only give my clients the absolute best in products and services. Each day I am eager to bring out every client's individual beauty!  I feel that one of my best qualities is that I listen to my clients thoroughly to ensure that they leave with exactly what they came in for. Each spa guest of mine can guarantee that they will receive my full attention from start to finish.

Why would you recommend 

this product to your client?  In addition to smelling sweet and wonderful, a good scrub helps exfoliate dry, dead skin on the hands and feet. Especially on those hard-to-reach​ areas of the back, followed with the application of a good quality cream:

leaving your skin feeling softer and healthier!  And who doesn't want that!

What is the greatest asset you bring to work every single 

day?  As a massage therapist, I listen to my clients' goals for each session and cater our time together to meet THEIR goals whether it's relaxation, pain relief or flexibility.  I don't mind working on-the-fly when goals change mid-way through a session. My personal goal is to always serve clients with compassion and respect!

They also share their greatest personal assets and attributes!

Dana was born in North Carolina.
Education/Training:  LMBT Certified Therapeutic
Massage Therapist, completed at the Medical Arts Massage in Raleigh, North Carolina with over 10 years of experience.

Licensed Esthetician completed at the Artistic Academy

in 2015.
What do you consider your service specialty? 

I utilize my skills to help others with frequent pain, 

skin conditions, and stress. I am certified in micro-derm-

abrasion procedures and the use of level two chemical peels. As a skincare specialist I incorporate peels and cosmeceutical grade products to design your perfect facial.  
What is your favorite product?  It is difficult to pick one product, as I have not been disappointed with any. The Vital C Hydrating Serum is a concentrated serum that

feels like a smooth silky lotion. It is different from most serums, which are more liquid or gel like. This serum contains a 15% blend of the most stable form of oil soluble Vitamin C, enabling the highest bio-availability to immediately sooth the visible effects of environmentally damaged skin. Ingredients include Vitamins A and E, hyaluronic acid and green tea. 

Amber Smith

​Massage Therapist

What do you consider your service specialty?   

Therapeutic Swedish Relaxation Massage.

What is the greatest asset you bring to work every single day that enhances your service

and creates the ultimate positive impact on your client?


Amber calls Avery County home.

Education/Training: The Western North Carolina School

of Massage, Asheville, NC.

Hobbies/Personal Interests:  Spending time with my family.  I am the mother of two sons.

What is your favorite service?  The Botanical Hand and Foot Treatment feels absolutely amazing and provides the ultimate in hand and foot attention in detail!  I love the emollient Eco-fin used to envelope my client’s hands and feet in silky smooth warmth, leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated!

Your personal motto?  What doesn't challenge you,

doesn't change you.

Brandi is newly married as of last November. She now calls Elizabethton, Tennessee home with her husband.
Education/Training:  Mayland Community College, graduating with honors.
Hobbies/Personal Interests:  I enjoy hiking our beautiful Grandfather Mountain in the summer. That
is my favorite part about the High Country. I love to travel and see a variety of places and people. 

What product would you recommend?  I love anything Stem Cell, but the "Max  Stem Cell Cream" is my #1 favorite!  I love the longer lasting delivery system, which    creates more anti-aging results to the face.  We all need

a good night cream to fight aging and this is the best one out there! 

If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be?  I would enjoy having dinner with Dolly Parton and talking to her.  She's such a generous and kind human being. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and with whom?  I would love to go to Venice, Italy with my wonderful husband, Adam, and some of our close friends.

Your personal style?  My style is for sure fun and flirty! I love dressing up and feeling glamorous. I love anything that sparkles and shines! So I love our Image T-shirts we wear as part of our work uniform.

 A special note from our Director, Mitzi Bunton

“God blessed me with two amazing parents who were my heroes and greatest role models in many aspects of life.
They worked with 'integrity' and 'diligence' no matter what

the circumstances. 'Don’t give up! Finish Well!'  Their spirit

of 'generosity' constantly demonstrated pure joy in serving and giving to others; expecting nothing in return." 

natural healthy state. I recommend it for all color treated

hair if you really want to keep your hair in tip top shape!

Your personal motto:  Bringing joy to my co-workers! They know if I am at work...everything is going to be okay and run smoothly!  All they have to do is call my name and I am there for them; taking care of their needs, which allows them to better serve our guests!
​If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it

be and with whom?  Hawaii with my husband.

Bethany Jones

​Nail Technician

My favorite product is Vital C Moisturizer. It is extremely hydrating and refreshing.

Not only is Vital C Moisturizer

great for your skin, it has an excellent fragrance of freshly peeled oranges.

Image Max Stem Cell

CrèmeOur most popular night crème! What could

be better than stem cells

and bio peptides in a time

release delivery system without parabens?

Debbie Gragg

Spa Attendant/Guest Specialist

What is your favorite product and why? Olaplex Hair Recovery Treatment!  Since I color my hair often, I can “go blonder” using this amazing healing treatment without any chemical damage. It’s the best insurance for my hair! Olaplex completely restores my hair back to its

What is the greatest asset you

bring to work every single day?  

I bring my cheerful attitude and

willingness to go above and beyond to make sure your experience at The Spa at Eseeola Lodge is enjoyable and memorable. I love leaving work with more friends than I had when I arrived. I love what I do and I hope that every client

loves their experience as well.

Education/Training:  Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Lees McRae College.  Played college basketball for the Lees McRae Bobcats.

Hobbies/Personal Interests:  I like to workout, play basketball, listen to music, read and hangout with my friends and family!

What is your favorite product and why?  Hempz Body Butter. It hydrates your skin and makes it feel smooth

as silk!

What is the greatest asset you bring to work every

single day?  My attitude.  I am a firm believer of having

a good attitude.  Everyone can sense your outlook and if

it is positive it allows the day to run smoothly.

​Your personal motto:  Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

Kathrin was raised in Marco Island, Florida. 
Education/Training:  The Academy of Nails and Esthetics in Charlotte, NC.
Hobbies/Personal Interests:  I enjoy hiking in the Linville Gorge Wilderness area and exploring
new places.
Your personal motto?  Never take life or yourself too seriously. I firmly believe hard work, dedication and a lot of prayer will lead you to where you need to be.

What makes you special?  My ability to connect with people on a deep personal level. I enjoy uplifting others and making everyone feel important and understood. I excel in making men and women alike feel comfortable while receiving manicures and pedicures.

What is your favorite product?  Vital C Anti-Aging Serum. This product is ideal for our clients who struggle with hyper-pigmentation of the skin, rosacea, sun damage or dry skin. ​

one of my guests to have an amazing experience!  It also comes in several amazing aromas.

What makes you special?  I get enjoyment from helping people. I also like to connect with my clients and make them feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible.

Amber Hoilman

​Esthetician - Hair Stylist

​​Image Ageless Total Retinol Crème because it helps keep my skin free from blemishes plus it is full of anti-aging ingredients which keep the skin firm and rejuvenated.

Kathrin Dillashaw

​Nail Technician

​​The Diamond Pedicure gives the ultimate attention to detail. Eliminate stress in your feet and legs, with a luxurious massage and ultra hydration to help you look and feel renewed!

George Bunton


Massage Therapist

Education and Training:  BA in English. Degree from The Therapeutic Massage Training Institute in Charlotte, NC.

Spa Manager at Sasanqua; a private spa at Kiawah Island.
Hobbies/Personal Interests: I love variety! I love to read and write fiction. I enjoy knitting. I have two rescue beagle puppies and a husband that keeps me entertained!
If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be?  Drew Barrymore. I think she would be a really interesting and fun dinner companion.

If you won a $1,000 shopping spree, what store would you wish for?  Lowe's Hardware. I love DIY projects!

What is your favorite play or movie?  Movie: Under The Tuscan Sun. Broadway play: Phantom of the Opera.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and with whom?  I would go back to France and spend more time. If I could get my husband on a plane, I would take him, but if not I'll go with girlfriends!

Amber was born and raised on Beech Mountain. She is proud to call Linville home with her husband, Cody.
Education/Training:  Mayland Community College,

Jenny Lea Academy with continuing education in Aesthetics, holding a Master Cosmetologist License​
Hobbies/Personal Interests:  Reading, exercising

and spending time with my husband and family!

What do you consider your service specialty? 

Hair:  Balayage     Skincare:  O2 Lift Facial

As a beauty professional, other specialties include: waxing, facials, haircuts and color, brow and lash tinting as well as manicures, pedicures, and shellac. She is also active in keeping up with current trends and styles. ​
What hair product would you recommend?  
KENRA Dry Texturizing Spray. This spray instantly increases texture and fullness in the hair. It also absorbs excess oils and impurities. This product is a must have for those that struggle with limp hair and want that voluminous look!

If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be?  Candace Cameron 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and with whom?  Sydney, Australia with my husband, Cody.

Ryan Robinson

​​Massage Therapist

My favorite product is the Epicuren After Bath Moisturizer.  I always recommend this high quality moisturizer because it keeps your skin smooth and healthy.

What do you consider your service specialty?  Comfort and relaxation. I want each 

Stephen Haymer

​Spa Attendant/Guest Services


What do you consider your service specialty?

Customer Service!​​​ 

What makes you special?  I am a caring person who loves being good to others and being able to make people feel

at home from the time they walk through the door of the

Spa until the time their service is finished.  I am a happy, friendly person who always looks for the best in people...

making every day a great day!​​

Your personal style?  Being my "Original Self"!

Tammie Hill

​Massage Therapist

What do you consider your service specialty? Relieving stress in areas that clients don't usually associate with holding tension, such as scalp, hands, feet and glutes.

What is your favorite product? Papaya Pineapple Sugar Scrub.​​

Tammie was born and raised in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. "I have been married for nine years. I have two kids; Charlotte, age 5 and Jackson, age 7. We also have one dog and three pet rats!"
Education/Training:  240 hours of Yoga Teacher Training at Neighborhood Yoga in Boone. 600 hours of Massage Therapy Training at Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro. Current PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) student at Caldwell Community College in Hudson.

Hobbies/Personal Interests:  I'm always looking for fun ways to spend time with my two kids. We love hiking, swimming at the pool, walks with our dog, and trips for frozen yogurt. My husband and I enjoy working on home improvement projects, cooking together, and cups of hot cider next to a crackling fire.

What makes you special?  I have always been greatly appreciated for my ability to see both sides of every situation as well as creating organization amidst chaos.

I don't give up easily and work calmly under pressure.

As a toddler my grandfather always took me on walks where he taught me wonderful life lessons. When I

would ask, "How far are we going to go?" His response

was always, "As far as you want to go!" I apply that advice in everything I do because attitude has everything to do with outcomes!

Your personal motto?  

My objective is to share my knowledge and help clients

achieve their personal health goals. I encourage my clients to consider how their lifestyle contributes to their stress levels and injuries. It is my belief that we only have one body so we have to be good to it. 

​​​What is the greatest asset you bring to work every single day that enhances your service and creates the ultimate positive impact on your client?  Through a nurturing touch and warm personality, I strive to provide a firm, yet relaxing massage for each client. My hope is that God will use me as a healing vessel and that each client has a positive experience. 

What is the greatest asset 

you bring to work every single day?  I blend my clinical 

knowledge as a PTA with the relaxing and healing nature 

of holistic massage...making each treatment memorable.

Your personal motto?  Never underestimate the power of touch!

Your favorite quote?  "Always do more than what's

expected." ASU Football Coach, Jerry Moore

“To understand, at an early age, the 'integrity' behind a strong work ethic and the opportunities for success helped me develop a passion for mentoring others to be their best! 'Set goals, dream big, and go after all the goodness the 

Lord has for us all.'  George and I are truly Blessed with an incredible team!" 

What is your favorite

product?  Ormedic Lip Gloss.

An Ultra-Hydrating gloss.  

What do you consider your service specialty?   I offer various techniques including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Four-Handed Massage, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Body Wraps, and Body Scrubs. 

What is the greatest asset you bring to work every single day?  Presence, mindful awareness, and respect for the Body.

Mitzi Banner Bunton

​​Owner/Spa Director

Massage Therapist

What makes you special? 

Honoring the uniqueness in everyone I meet. I also love seeing

our guest leaving The Spa happy and relaxed.
Personal motto? I like to ask myself. "What is great 
​about this?"
What is the greatest asset you bring to work every single

day?  ​An attitude of service.

Tamara McRary

Spa Manager

Guest Services

Retail Specialist

​​Favorite Product: Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler! This serum draws moisture to the skin and fills fine lines.

It is extremely hydrating.

Perfect for my dry skin!

What is the greatest asset

you bring to work every single day?  I am very grateful to have the gift of Hospitality, passionate attention to detail,

and a genuine love for people!  With my gift of heart and communication, I love to listen to my clients and help them best achieve their goals.

Your favorite quote? “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”  Arthur Ashe

Debbie is a native of the mountains, which she loves so dearly. She shares her home with her beloved husband.
The School of Common Sense!

A God-given "Gift"!

Hobbies/Personal Interests:  Cooking, serving and caring for my family!

If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would

it be?  Richard Petty​​

Forever Family!  We have been Blessed with two beautiful children; Gabriel William, 5 and Georganna Hope, 9 months.

What is the greatest asset you bring to work every single day?  A joyful heart and a willingness to work and get the job done and done well!  I was born a "People Pleaser", so

I have the ability to please others.  I learned a long time

ago that life is not about me.  It's about others and those

I am Blessed to share in their lives!