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Spa body indulgences - PACKAGES

Of Living Your Best Life!

Signature Face and

                   Body Treatments

Our body treatments enhance your spa experience

with the perfect combination of indulgences, such

as dry brushing, sea salt or sugar exfoliation, 

aromatherapy steam, and hydrating wraps.

Signature Duet

The most popular dual spa service features our Signature

Eseeola Facial and Massage duet with complimentary

Aromatherapy, Full Back Exfoliation, and Steam. The

finishing touch is a full back Body Polish using our deeply

moisturizing Epicuren After Bath.     2 hr     $302

60 min Signature Facial and

60 min Massage with Indulgent Back Scrub

The Escape

The ultimate stress reliever for complete rest and relaxation.

The Escape will leave you floating. Experience a Full-Body

Dry Brush Exfoliation, followed by a Hydrating Hair and Body

Wrap. While you are in the warm cocoon, a decadent Scalp/

Neck Massage and Cool Moonstone Facial Massage leaves you

feeling refreshed and renewed. Your pampering will be complete

after a Swedish Massage, using our ultra-hydrating Shea Mango

Body Butter.     2 1/4 hr     $338

75 min Body Wrap and 60 min Massage with Scalp Refresher


Surrender to the luxury of this sensational Total Body Exfoliation

and Aromatherapy Massage. Following a shower, warm essential

oils customized especially for you are drizzled from head-to-toe,

melting your stress away. Your service includes an extensive

Scalp Massage and Hydrating Treatment. This indulgence for

your senses is designed to enhance relaxation, soothe tired

muscles, and relieve mental fatigue.     2 1/2 hr     $404

75 min Body Scrub, 75 min Aroma Massage and Scalp Refresher

Cloud 9    

Indulge your senses with total body rejuvenation as you enjoy

customized Body Exfoliation with our Signature Salt or Sugar

Scrub. Following a shower, receive a Massage Therapy session

tailored just for you with one of our deeply moisturizing Epicuren

After Bath selections. The perfect finish is defined by one of the

Secrets of Eternal Youth - our Signature Eseeola Facial - the

ultimate in illumination and hydration.     3 1/4 hr     $471
60 min Signature Facial, 60 min Massage, and 75 min Body Scrub


Indulgent Body Scrubs

Experience total rejuvenation as our custom-blended Shea Butter, essential oils, 

and your choice of sea salt or raw brown sugar gently exfoliates your entire body.

Following a shower, your skin will be polished from head-to-toe with our deeply moisturizing Epicuren After Bath. Choose from our Eseeola Signature Scrubs.

Lemongrass Salt Glow                                                           $191    1 1/4 hour

Papaya Pineapple Brown Sugar Scrub                                   $191    1 1/4 hour

Lavender Rosemary Salt Scrub                                             $191    1 1/4 hour

Indulgent Body Wraps

Our most decadent treatment! Experience the ultimate in relaxation. We begin your treatment with a Full-Body Dry Brush Exfoliation followed by a Hydrating Mask and

Body Wrap. While you are in the warm cocoon your tension will simply melt away as

you receive a mesmerizing Scalp Massage and Cool Moonstone Facial Massage.

Your pampering will be complete with our ultra-hydrating Body Polish customized to

pair perfectly with your body mask.

Po-ha Berry Body Wrap  ​(antioxident)  1 1/4 hour                 $191

Shea Mango Body Wrap with Shea Butter Hair Mask (hydration)  1 1/4 hour  $224

*Add a Massage with any Body Wrap or Scrub:  1/2 hour  $70     1 hour  $125     1 1/4 hour  $145    

Day Packages

Day of Radiance    

Your "Day of Radiance" begins with an Oxygen Illuminating Facial paired with a hydrating Shea Hair Mask

and our indulgent Scalp Massage. Our "Diamond Full Service Manicure & Pedicure" will leave your hands and

feet feeling rejuvenated and looking their best. For a perfect finish to your personalized day of beauty, our 

Timeless Classic Shampoo and Blow-Dry Style will have you "Red Carpet Ready" for any event. 

Included light refreshments.     4 hr     $415

60 min Oxygen Illuminating Facial with Scalp Refresher, Diamond Manicure & Pedicure, 

and Shampoo/Blow Dry/Style

Pure Bliss                     

This package speaks volumes to the Massage and Facial Junkie! 90 minutes of tranquility awaits you in a

deeply relaxing Aromatherapy Massage with warm soothing back stones. We continue to indulge your senses

with a 90 minute Signature Facial with extra special attention to your hands and feet. Our Botanical Hand &

Foot Indulgence is the ultimate in hydration to nourish tired and thirsty skin. Your day will be complete with 

a Signature Manicure and Pedicure, along with offerings of light refreshments.     4 1/2 hr     $585

90 min Aromatherapy Massage with Soothing Back Stones, ​90 min Signature Facial with Botanical Hand & Foot Indulgence, and Signature Manicure & Pedicure                                                                                                                                       

Eseeola Day of Indulgence     

For the serious Spa Executive, a full "9 to 5" Day of Pampering equals Pure Indulgence! A body treatment of choice will help

you prepare your skin for what lies ahead. Choose a Hydrating Wrap or Exfoliating Body Scrub. Your journey continues with 

an extraordinary Aromatherapy Massage, which includes the ever enticing Shea Hair Mask and Scalp Refresher. A Signature

Eseeola Facial with our "Age Later" philosophy by Image Skincare will be tailored to suit your individual skincare needs. 

A light Spa Lunch will be served mid-day and then off to the Salon you go! Our Diamond Full Service Manicure and Pedicure 

is extensive with attention to detail from start to finish. You will experience the benefits of Custom Nail and Skincare with a 

delightful Botanical Moisture Treatment, giving you silky smooth skin and the ultimate in Nail Care Service. Complete your

"Day of Indulgence" with our Signature Shampoo, Blow-Dry and Style to leave you with a flawless finish!​   5 1/4 hr   $741
60 min Aromatherapy Massage with Scalp Refresher

75 min Body Scrub 

60 min Signature Facial

Diamond Manicure & Pedicure

Shampoo, Blow Dry and Style

Includes light spa lunch.

***The above services and packages are subject to availability